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Investigator Omran’s journey of looking for “Layal” the bride who went missing under mysterious circumstances the night of her wedding to “Jamal” the man she shares a great love story with.

Investigator “Omran” -who knows what loss means, after what all he went through- tries his best into finding the missing bride with the help of her fiance “Jamal” as they find out surprising information about her, connected to her mysterious past along with unpredictable events!

GenreDrama – Thriller – Crime – Romance
StarringMotasem Alnahar
Qamar Khalaf
Ali Sukkar
Haval Hamdi
Tayseer Idriss
Nadine Khoury
Lea Mabardi
Jamal Kabbesh
Shadi Alsafadi
Hussam Alshah
Wassim Alrahbi
Israa Alassil
DirectorMuhammad Abdulaziz
WriterSaif Rida Hamed