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Every scene that shows on the screen, even if it is for a millisecond, it was drawing on paper, all the technical and executive staff working in Drama Shelve Media participated in drawing its features. We are proud of our ability to produce, develop and conclude deals with flexibility and expertise appropriate to the world of our changing reality. In order to let ideas glow with perfection, we plan, develop and design ideas as a team, which distinguishes us from our competitors, all those concerned with the details of the production vision, lighting, color of the shooting places, decorations, clothes, creating personal qualities and other artistic elements, meets in one place to draw the artistic vision on the Inspirational Board, to transform the written story into images that reflect the director’s vision. In this stage, we perform several tasks, including Budgeting – Text approvals – selecting shooting sites – Coordination with government agencies – Production management services – Unit management and imaging sites – selecting highly experienced technicians and including them in the staff -securing and selecting additional talent and representatives – leasing equipment and facilities – building of photographic sites – logistic support for production – Rental of studios and photo venues.