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Here we develop the technical lines drawn in the paper, to the reality on the ground, in collaboration with the production and technical team and the management of the photographic sites unit, where they are working hard every day, to oversee the overall implementation of the team’s output vision. Here we work as a bee cell to perform:

– Overall supervision of the implementation of the technical and production plan developed for the work from the initials of the text idea.

– Production Management Services.

– Manage unit and shooting locations.

– Staff management.

– Supervision of additional talent and actors and coordination between them and the directing and

technical staff.

– Provide ongoing logistical support for production.

Retouch Scene / post production workshops

The finishing touches on any artwork are what makes you rate it as excellent.

We believe in the ultimate importance of retouching, both to produce dramatic work and to market it.

Thanks to the Montage and video editing team, with innovative production units and world-class equipment, we can give you

a complete, professional finish.

Visual effect experts work to deliver the best visual and audio experience to your expectations.