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Al Arrafeh

Three people are led by fate to travel together on a wild road from one province to another. Meanwhile, events begin through predictions that lead each character to take a path of self-purification from the past and the evils of its present.

A psychological, social, suspenseful drama that carries a lot of excitement and monitors the depths of the soul and the fears of death, corruption in the law, and the power of money over love through three lines that meet by chance and then separate to be brought together by a common fate, which is the prediction of divination of their death.

GenrePsychological drama – Suspense
StarringJafra Younes
Yazan Al Sayed
Husain Abbas
Lilia Al Atrash
Haima Ismail
Tulin Albakri
Mohammad Kanou
Marah Hijaz
DirectorYazan Hisham Sharbatji
WriterHamza Al Laham
IdeaBahar Al Sarem & Mohammad Al Ali
Release DateSoon

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